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Amplifier Modules - 300W Products

300W Amplifier Module A class D power amplifier module able to deliver up to 300Wrms into a 4 Ohm load. This is the basic building block for a single channel amplifier. Additional components required to build a complete power amplifier include, pre-amplifier, power supply, output filter and protection circuitry. For more complete products see below or contact Ecotec Systems for details.

Datasheet: SDV1025-300


300W Evaluation Unit A class D amplifier module mounted onto a motherboard. The module includes a pre-amplifier, output filter and protection circuitry. All that is need to make a single channel amplifier is a suitable power supply. The external power supply requirements are for a single positive voltage, all other supply voltages are generated internally.

Datasheet: SDV1042-300


200W PAM Amplifier The SDV1035-100 is a complete class D amplifier module, which contains the SDV1025-300 class D amplifier module. The unit includes a mains power supply; an input pre-amplifier with remote volume control; a sophisticated output filter; full short-circuit protection and turn-on/off synchronisation to prevent inadvertent outputs at start-up/shutdown.

Datasheet: SDV1035-300


250W Plate Amplifier A plate amplifier containing a SDV1042-300 evaluation board and a power supply. An "out of the box" solution for a single channel power amplifier.

Datasheet: SDV1056-250

200W (FTC) 2.1 PLATE AMPLIFIER (SDV1043-200)

A plate amplifier containing three separate amplifiers and a power supply. The three channels are configured as sub-woofer 130Wrms and two satellites at 35Wrms each. An "out of the box" solution for a 2.1 channel power amplifier. Note this product is built to specific customer requirements and hence, is only available above a minimum order quantity.

Contact Ecotec for more details


Custom Amplifier Our standard products can often be used to satsify customers' amplifier requirements.
However, if our standard products are not suitable for your application, we are able to produce a custom amplifier design.

Contact Ecotec to discuss a Custom Amplifier Requirement

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