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Tone_Gen Ecotec Systems launches a new amplifier product.
A Class D amplifier with integrated media player for stored messages, tones, music idents or jingles
An amplifier, media player and output speakers in a cost effective package.
The stored message can be changed by use of an suitably programmed SD card.

Contact Details: SDV1170-B


Musikmesse Ecotec Systems attended the recent Musikmesse show in Frankfurt (April 6 to 9, 2011).
We shared the booth of our distributor, Profusion plc. at Hall 8.0 Booth F02.

Contact Details: Musikmesse 2011


We have just made one of our best speaker products even better. The popular ceiling mounted speaker (SDV1100-B-WD) has the inclusion of four extra mid, high speaker drivers to provide coverage out to 80sqm. These are directed at 20◦ to the horizontal to give full range coverage over a wide area.  Effectively, one of these speakers will replace up to four traditional ceiling mounted speakers. In addition to the coverage, the sealed back box allows the unit to be operated at high power levels and produces more bass than open back designs. The speaker is available in low impedance or 100V line formats.

Datasheet: SDV1100-B-WD


Pendant speaker Following our doctrine of continuous improvement we have added a new speaker product to the already comprehensive Background Music System product range. This is a pendant speaker designed for retail and leisure installations where there is no suspended or lowered ceiling. The pendant speaker features our "acoustic lens" technology which gives maximum dispersion to the sound emitted by the speaker. This feature virtually eliminates the acoustic "hot spots" found with other manufacturers' products.

Datasheet: SDV1118-A


Adding to the already comprehensive product line up for the 600W module is a new motherboard solution. The SDV1042-600 contains one of our amplifier modules and all the ancillary circuitry need to interface to the module. The unit contains an output filter to remove the high frequency modulation signals, full protection circuitry and a boost converter to simplify the power supply requirements. In fact, only a single positive supply (ac or dc) is required in the range 40 to 100V. A switching regulator also provides an 18V, 1A auxiliary supply for the user. Making a single channel 600W amplifier could not be simpler, just add a dc supply or a suitable mains transformer.
Datasheet: SDV1042-600


EAS TAG Detector We have produced an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security TAG detector. This is a hand-held detector that detects 58KHz EAS TAGs on retail merchandise. This is ergonomic and has exceptional detection range. It also operates in electrically "noisy" environments. A large battery pack and fast charger ensure the detector is always available for operation.

Datasheet: SDV1112-B

If you would like further information on any of the products listed above please contact us using the contact tab above or alternatively at:


EcoTec Systems Ltd, Bruntingthorpe Industrial Estate, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5QZ       Tele +44 (0) 1162 479 794

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