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Non-Audio Products
SONAR Amplifiers

Sonar Our class D modules have proven popular in several non-audio applications. Examples include Sonar amplifiers as battery powered active sonar buoys (up to 3KW) or high power rack mounted amplifier (1.2KW) or at lower power to drive towed arrays
If you have a sonar application please contact our sonar specialists.

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Motor Drives

SDV1013 Our class D amplifier modules are DC coupled so they can be directly used as brushed DC motor drives. The standard evaluation units at 300W and 600W can be used but require a modification to the input to switch them to DC coupled. We also make brushless DC motor drives (up to 1.2KW). Current production is focussed on military applications such as missile drive systems; smart bombs; and flap actuator drives for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For more details of our capability in this area contact our motor drives specialists.

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Security Document Authentication Modules

SDV1003-B We have a wealth of experience developing detection modules for sorting and authenticating security documents such as bank notes. The information we publish on these products is by its nature high confidential. Only one of our products, a magnetic ink detector is shown opposite, for more information please contact our security products specialists.

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Retail Products

SDV1112-B In addition to the background music systems which are popular with retailers, we offer a range of products to improve the efficiency of the retail environment. These include a hand-held Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) TAG detector. This product detects 58KHz EAS TAGs on merchandise. We also offer second source battery modules for popular bar-code scanners / data wands. For more details of these products please contact our Retail products team.

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